Follow our Jubilee Flooring & Decorating care & maintenance guide to keep your carpet looking its best!

Daily Care & Maintenance

Someone once said, “Most new things are good looking, the challenge is to keep them that way.” We say knowing how to maintain them is the answer.


Take the floor covering you’re considering – carpet. New carpeting can be elaborate and elegant, cool and contemporary, or tasteful and traditional. It’s one of America’s most popular floor covering choices, enhances virtually any room and it can add value to your residence.


Carpeting is warm, cozy, and inviting. It’s the flooring that welcomes stocking feet and worships bare feet. But keeping that feeling, and your carpet in beautiful condition is a challenge if you don’t know the proper steps of maintenance. And that’s why we created this section.


We want you to know that, with the care guidelines below, your new carpet can stay attractive for many years, and many bare-foot crossings, to come.

Regular Carpet Care

Start by placing walk-off mats wherever there are entrances to your home from high-soil areas like backyards, garages, and so on. A few dollars invested in these mats can prevent a lot of dirt and grime from being tracked across your beautiful new carpet.


A good vacuum cleaner can be your carpet’s best friend. Buy a quality vacuum and use it regularly. There have been significant improvements to vacuum cleaners in the past few years, making them easier to use, and better at doing their job. They’ve gotten lighter in weight, strong in suction, and loaded with convenience features. There are even unattended robotic vacuums that can do the work while you’re sleeping!


Thorough vacuuming removes loose dirt and dust from the fibers. Over time these particles dull your carpet’s appearance; frequent vacuuming maintains the beauty of your floor covering and extends its life.

Woman cleaning her house | Jubilee Flooring & Decorating
Carpet cleaning | Jubilee Flooring & Decorating

Dealing With Spills & Stains

Treat spills as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more the stain will soak into the fibers. Immediately blot up as much of the liquid or debris as possible with a dry cloth or paper towel. Don’t rub or scrub the area with a rag, this damages the fibers and may create a permanent scar.


Use warm, not hot, water to rinse the stained area completely. Hot water can set the stain and make it difficult if not impossible to remove. Press clean cloths deeply into the carpet to take up moisture until the stain no longer appears on the cloth. If a stain remover is needed, blot up excess moisture before applying, work gently, and do not over-apply the stain remover.


Next, thoroughly rinse the area with warm water, then absorb the excess dampness with a clean cloth. After your carpet has dried, vacuum to restore its texture and appearance.