Follow our Jubilee Flooring & Decorating care & maintenance guide to keep your carpet looking its best!

Daily Care & Maintenance

It can be a challenge to keep your carpet looking as great as the day it was installed, but we can help. 

Carpet is a popular flooring option, one of the most popular in the country, because it offers beauty, comfort, style, and simple maintenance. It's also warm, safe, and budget-friendly. By knowing proper carpet care & maintenance, you can help ensure that your carpet stays that way.

Follow the guidelines below to keep your carpet looking great. 

Regular Carpet Care

We recommend placing entry mats at the doors of your home to ensure that grime is not present on your guest's feet when they enter your home. Investing in these mats and encouraging visitors to remove their shoes can go a long way in maintaining your carpet. 

A quality vacuum cleaner is also necessary for maintaining your carpet. Investing in a quality vacuum and putting it to use on regular basis is essential. Vacuuming can help to remove dirt, dust, and other debris that can harm your fibers and give your carpet a grungy appearance.  

Vacuuming will ultimately extend the lifespan of your carpet. 

Woman cleaning her house | Jubilee Flooring & Decorating
Carpet cleaning | Jubilee Flooring & Decorating

Dealing With Spills & Stains

With carpet, the key is to address spills immediately. Immediately. When an accident happens, blot out as much liquid or debris as possible with a dry cloth or paper towel. You should not scrub the mess as it could work its way further into the fibers. 


From there, you can use warm water to remove the stain. Press a cloth into the mess to absorb the removing damage. If a stain remover is required, consult your manufacturer on approved solutions. 


Next, thoroughly rinse the area with warm water, then absorb the excess dampness with a clean cloth. After your carpet has dried, vacuum to restore its texture and appearance.